Kalco Construction Safety Procedures

Safety is the bedrock upon which every Kalco Construction engagement begins. Our corporate culture, including every person from the site to the administration, supports a team effort focused on zero incidents.

Safety Procedures

This imperative takes root in employee orientation, is revisited throughout the year, and is the key focal point of daily meetings on every job site, regardless of size. We have empowered every member of our team to stop a job at any time to evaluate or correct a safety or environmental hazard. Our team members look out for one another and think before they act, constantly analyzing conditions that could lead to an incident. Because safety ranks above all other aspects of our business, including schedule and production timelines, we have consistently maintained an outstanding safety record with EMRs (Experience Modifier Rate) well below 1.0. This commitment to safety benefits our clients and our partners. Most importantly, our culture of safety benefits the families that make up our company.

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